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Q: Is it like a bouncy house?
A: No. The pubs do not have floors, so they are more like a tent. They do inflate just like a bouncy house, but they are not meant for kids events as entertainment.

Q: How long does it take to set up?
 Inflation of the Pub only takes about 3-4 minutes. It takes more time to unload and move from the truck to the pub site etc.

Q: How is power provided?
The pub will need to be within 50’ of an electrical outlet or generator. If you don’t have power or a generator, we can rent one to you.

Q: How long is the rental period?
The rate is for a day or the duration of your party. We typically deliver the day of the event and pickup the day after for private events. In a public event situation where the Pub can’t be left overnight we will arrange for pickup same day.

Q: Can the Pubs be set up on any surface?
yes, most surfaces are okay to set up. The pub does not have a floor, so when it’s unplugged it will quickly deflate upon itself. We ask that the customer puts a provided tarp inside the pub before unplugging it at the end of the event. That way it doesn’t get muddy or grassy and require extra cleaning. If a pub is returned with excessive mud or dirt, or “other” substance, a cleaning fee of $75 will be assessed.

Q: is there a delivery fee?
In some cases yes. It depends on where it’s going and which package you choose. Call us for a quote or fill out our online order form.